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Data Centre & Enterprise Network Infrastructure

Founded & Operated by Former UK Military Telecommunications Specialists

Providing credible, timely, design, installation and lifecycle support for mission critical environments, worldwide

Founder Statement

It’s an absolute honour and privilege to lead the team here at Awaking Giants. Our dream: To build a reliable and relevant business and fill it full of veteran talent.

I have personally been involved in delivering major technology projects and supporting clients in the enterprise space since 1998 following my military service with the Royal Corp of Signals. Our team are extremely smart and ambitious (most ex signals themselves) and push me harder to expand work opportunities for them worldwide, providing support for various disciplines such as installation, testing, commissioning, commercial, project engineering and design, planning and project management – in short, mission critical is in our DNA, we simply don’t know anything else.

Our “Delivery for Effect” approach blends the very best of military expertise & precision to every project we undertake. We don’t want to be a household name, we want to be a secret weapon that helps organisations expand and scale faster than their competition.

Our vision is pretty clear, to be the most veteran obsessed company on the planet, ever! The values and codes we live by mean everything to us and we live & work by our high standards. My hope is that we can build a legacy company, that serves as a beacon & benchmark to other large corporations – supporting the ever growing needs of clients in the marketplace, whilst offering great employment opportunities to our veteran community within our family. 

As soldiers we were like family to each other & that is paramount as we go forward with people joining our workforce, every employee should be looked after.

I am totally blown away by all of the support shown to us so far. It is vital to our success that we surround ourselves with experts within our own team, but also with the customers and key partners that we align ourselves with whilst we develop the brand and expand into Europe to further aid our most valued clients aspirations.

I cannot believe what we have achieved so far, and from the bottom of my heart, this journey we are on means everything to me and I promise to do all I can to help as many ex forces thrive and find a new post service passion like I have.

Thank you everyone

Awaking Giants

Our Team

Front of House

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Technical Delivery
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Project Delivery
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What We Do

Our Capabilities


CDCDP & RCDD Accredited
Data Centre & Infrastructure Design 
Scope Development & Costing
Network Documentation
Site Survey, audits & assurance
Whitespace Design & Coordination
Early Engagement & Partnerships
Dedicated Whitespace Team


Enterprise Structured Cabling
Cabling Pathways & Containment
Fibre Optic & Copper Cabling
Power & Cable Management
PDU / RPP Panels
Airflow Management Systems
Cabinet, Frame & ODF Installation
Rack PDU Installation


IMAC & Smart Hands
Planned & Reactive Services
Commissioning & IST
ICT Asset Management
Feasibility Studies & Resilience Studies
Field Engineering
Program Delivery Management
Project Management

What We Do

Our Capabilities




The team have been delivering installation and deployment projects for decades across military and enterprise environments.

Working with the world’s leading technology equipment manufacturers, we have the capability to support a full suite of data centre services enabling you to focus on operating your network and assisting your clients while our team of experts supports your data centre infrastructure design and fit-out.

As fibre has become the predominant cabling media type, we aim to be at the forefront of data centre builds with ever-increasing fibre counts and densities. Moreover, we have built specialised teams that can handle every aspect of a data centre fit-out making us a true total support that you can count on to deliver your data centre builds.

  • Structured Cabling & Containment
  • Optical Distribution Frames
  • Hot / Cold Aisle Rack & Cabinet Systems
  • Modular Design & Installation
  • Micro Data Centre / Comms Room
  • Edge Data Centre Deployments
  • UPS & Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Electrical Installation
  • Cross Connects & MMR
  • Asset & Inventory Management

Our experienced Design Team can provide full turn key solutions and work from small Comms Room design through to full White Space and Complete Data Hall fit outs managing end to end projects from conception through to implementation and completion with a range of services including:

  • Initial Design & Consultation
  • Pre-planning
  • Project Management
  • Testing and commissioning

Offering a wide range of options in both Copper and Fibre and will always consult with our clients and manufacturers to make sure we find the right solution to match your needs and your budget. With our highly qualified team of designers and technical staff, Awaking Giants will always provide you with the confidence that our management and QA systems are of the highest calibre ensuring our operations are seamless and cost effective.

Awaking Giants supply and install all types of cable containment for both Copper and Fibre and operate in all environments including overhead and underfloor scenarios. We work with leading manufacturers to provide the best solutions for your needs and offer pre-manufactured systems as well as our own pre-term services to limit our time spent on site.

Our extensive range of containment solutions includes:

  • Cable Basket
  • Cable Ladder
  • Cable Tray
  • Fibre Raceways
  • Cable Ducting / Fibre Subduct Systems
  • Cable Matting
  • Lighting Trunking
  • Channel Support Systems

Data centre management means supplying additional computing power, using less energy in a smaller space, while staying within budget and maintaining mission-critical reliability. Innovation and product design mean power management solutions have evolved to be both flexible and easily adaptable to changing needs. Being both scalable for change and growth typically provides the lowest long-term cost of ownership.

  • Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Rack Transfer Switches
  • Power Whips
  • Tap off Boxes
  • Earth & Bonding
  • Electrical installation and rewires
  • Lighting design, supply and installations
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Emergency lighting design, installation and testing
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Structured cabling & containment services to be your go to low-voltage partner. We are passionate about the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers.

Providing structured cabling for backbone and horizontal cabling systems in Data Centre and Commercial environments to suit the needs of your business and can design, install and support your requirements from conception through to implementation.

We are highly skilled in the design, installation and testing of all Data Cabling and are fully proficient in providing solutions for Cat 6, 10g Cat 6A and now 40g Cat7, as well as Voice Cabling Systems.

AG equips and trains our technicians with the latest splicing technology as well as both proprietary and industry recommended methods to handle any type of fibre on the market. We have the resources to handle the largest splicing projects in high-count fibre, the finesse to splice and protect complex enterprise fibre networks and the commitment to take care of any emergency fibre network restoration needs

  • OSP Fibre Splicing
  • ISP Fibre Splicing
  • Single Fibre Fusion Splicing
  • Ribbon Fibre
  • Fibre Repair & Upgrade
  • Microfibre Cable
  • Multimode / Single Mode Fibre
  • High Count Mass Fusion Splicing
  • Connectorization

Our engineers are experienced in cable placement in both outside plant underground fibre networks and inside plant data centre environments. Our dedicated teams understand the complexities of fibre pathways and stand ready with the manpower and equipment for your fibre installation needs.

AG ensures your network is covered to deliver high reliability and availability to your customers. We equip our team to have the most advanced tools and ensure our technicians have the support including engineering to handle all your testing needs including troubleshooting, performance validation, fibre characterization and more.

  • Power metering
  • Optical Identifiers
  • Fibre Characterization
  • OTDR Tracing
  • Documentation & Troubleshooting

Awaking Giants Service Leavers Community

Opportunities for Service Leavers

We find success in recruiting ex-forces personnel and service leavers because we admire their dedication, desire, skills and attributes. These skills include discipline, teamwork, leadership, the ability to stay calm under pressure, comfortable in a fast-paced environment, decision-making, determination and problem solving.

  • We actively promote and support the recruitment of Service Leavers, appreciating the impact of the transition
  • We have a sincere admiration for the qualities and experience that are synonymous with Service Leavers
  • Proven success of supporting and recruiting Service Leavers into our business and signed up to the military covenant
  • Recognised by the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, receiving a Bronze Award in 2019
  • We will offer opportunities for Service Leavers across all Awaking Giants business units
  • We offer training and development for entry-level roles, with clear career paths and progression based on ability
  • Many of our roles suit experienced Service Leavers


What our customers say

“If I have ever been able to see further, it was because I was stood on the shoulders of giants.”
Sir Isaac Newton
"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off"
Charlie Croker
"I just kept running"
Forrest Gump
"I feel the need, the need for speed"
Lt Pete Mitchell, USN

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